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Nothing in this picture leads me to believe that this bride was an obnoxious, horrible Bridezilla. Nope. Not even the life size cake decorated to look like the classy bride herself… I bet you this crazy bitch threw a fit when she saw the bodice of her cake dress was yellow, and not white, like her ugly dress.



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This gives a whole new meaning to the term “hat head.”  But what about in places where you’re not allowed to wear a hat inside!? What does he do!? WHAT DOES HE DO!?  I wonder if he ever changes the style. Personally, I prefer the Fedora look over the standard baseball cap. You can dress it up, or dress it down depending on the occasion. Way more options. Just sayin’…

Side note: Why do all Japanese videos have such insanity on the screen. WHAT is all that!? Somebody please translate. I feel claustrophobic.



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How do you go from plastering every single cover of  Bop! Magazine for the latter part of the 80’s to this…? Look, we’re all happy you chose Jesus over starring in Lifetime TV Movies like the rest of your old Growing Pains cast, but how about not being such a creep?  The public embraces an ex-child star who robs liquor stores for crack money…  but a radical born again? Nah ah. You should have taken the good ol’ heroin route, Kirk.

Apparently, when you buy this special book, you get a free poster. I wonder if it’s of Mike Seaver in an all denim outfit, arms crossed with silly grin across his face as he leans against his bedroom wall…

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Where do they have public squares? I wanna hang out in a public square. What about a circle? Will the angels be ok with doing public abortions in a circle? How about on a stage? With an announcer! And a sidekick! Oh, this will be oodles of fun. I hope they serve cotton candy. Nothing like a public abortion and some cotton candy.

This bitch needs serious f’in help. Her parents should have aborted her.


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Convicted killers go to jail. Mentally Insane convicted killers get to go to the County Fair! That whole ‘packing a bag with all your clothes to bring to the fair to escape and change’ thing is just a quirk of mentally insane murderers. No one should have been alarmed. Nope…

Funnel Cakes are being offered as a reward.



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Who is coming with me!?  They even have large group discounts!  I’m hoping to be married off by sundown and knocked up with my new cousin’s incest baby by morning.


Polygamy 2

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Halloween is fast approaching. Well it was fast approaching as of November 1st of last year…

I cannot wait to have kids of my own and dress them up in outfits that’ll scare the crap out my friends and family. And I don’t mean scare as in “oooh you’re so scary in your witch costume.”

I mean scary as in “Seriously, you’ve lost your damn mind. I’m calling social services. You never should have been a parent. Now put down the bottle of Jack Daniels and untie your kid from the tree and let the nice policeman take him”

costume1All together now… awwww!!!

costume4Usually babies look like aliens when they are born… then there’s this.

costume15I hope no one sits on this poor kid.


Teaching kids early… It’s hard out there for a PIMP.

Picture2I call a drumstick!!!

terroristwq0YAY for Do It Yourself Suicide Bomber Costumes!

It’s all smiles kid till you realize, yeah… you’re gonna explode too!

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