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Yes, I know…

… I need to update this blog. I’m feeling utterly uninspired these days…

I mean do you really want to hear how my temporary crown fell out tonight and now have a large gaping hole in mouth till I can get to the dentist tomorrow AM?

Do you really want to know that I may or may not have bursitis on my hip? Apparently the gym is having negative affects on my creaky old body.

Should I share the fact that I spent over an hour today researching car vacuums in hopes of finding the *perfect* one? Yet, didn’t make an actual purchase because I am too stressed about making a final decision.

Or how about the fact I told myself I would NOT watch this season of the “Bachelor” cause I think Jake is a total lameboat. But yet here I sit, completely engrossed in yet another 2 hour-long episode. Don’t burn the rose, Jake! Noooo… next Monday can’t come soon enough. Sigh…

See, it’s for the better good of humanity when I don’t update my blog. I’ll be back again when I feel inspired… or when I stop playing online solitaire.

PS. I really wanted to share the picture of my broken crown that now sits on my coffee table… but I cant seem to upload properly. Your loss.   


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