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Nothing in this picture leads me to believe that this bride was an obnoxious, horrible Bridezilla. Nope. Not even the life size cake decorated to look like the classy bride herself… I bet you this crazy bitch threw a fit when she saw the bodice of her cake dress was yellow, and not white, like her ugly dress.



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Ode To Blog

Dear Blog,

Can you forgive me? Will you? Let me explain.

I’ve neglected you. And I’m sorry. See I started a new job, blog. And this job, though fresh and shiny and new, is overworking my poor brain and my stubby little fingers.  I used to sit around in my pajamas all day, showering only when necessary while working from the convience of my couch. Oh Regis & Kelly how I miss you so. Your witty banter paired with a side of coffee was the jumpstart to my morning. ‘Twas a good time, blog. I had oodles of free time to scour the internet to fill your pages with awe and delight. It was then blog, that we bonded. And what fun we had! You always knew how to make me smile. Oh, what’s that blog? Aw shucks… You’re making me blush, blog! I miss you too. I will return soon… and we will laugh at the insanity and the stupidity of the world around us. xoxo

Look! It’s Mr. Mean Cookie Face!


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Picasso… Monet… Da Vinci and… Ronald McDonald (!?) It’s only a matter of time before the Mona Lisa becomes Jenny Craig’s newest spokesperson…



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